As we all know in this area of the country, having a security clearance is usually of paramount importance in order to get or retain a good paying and fulfilling job.  The concept of bankruptcy is usually frightening and concerning to many people with a clearance who are experiencing financial difficulties.  We have expertise in navigating the bankruptcy process and in properly protecting a security clearance at the same time and advising the government of what is happening with an individual’s financial situation.  These blog posts will help you research the intersection of bankruptcy and security clearances.

Security Clearances and Financial Issues – Be Careful! | Bond & Botes Law Offices (

Security Clearances and Debt Settlement Plans | Bond & Botes Law Offices (

We are also colleagues and we work closely with our friend, Ron Sykstus, at If you need more counsel beyond our advice about your financial situation, we will coordinate to get you set up for a meeting with Ron. Most folks don’t need that but, because we want to take care of our clients in the best way possible, we have made arrangements to get him involved if the situation is more complicated than normal. Again, we are very sensitive and aware of the importance of a security clearance in our part of the country so we want to make sure you are completely comfortable and properly helped at what can be a stressful time in your life.