Chapter 13

A Budget Conscious Repayment Plan —

A Chapter 13 is a personal reorganization, providing regular income earners with an opportunity to get their finances back in order. If you are facing a foreclosure, a repossession, a garnishment, or even a tax levy, a Chapter 13 can help. A Chapter 13 requires your “best efforts” to repay your debts, but is sensitive to your financial budget. Many times we use a Chapter 13 repayment plan so that you can keep an asset that would otherwise be lost in a Chapter 7. Plans run from 36 to 60 months. You can even refinance your vehicle at 4.5% in the plan. Except for the Alexandria Division, we offer low down payments to get started; You only pay your filing costs – $350 to $447 – and You can make your plan payment from your existing bank account.

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